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We are now able to offer a new range of eco friendly, energy saving LED spot lights and strip lights at a very desirable prices.


We have a range of  lamps, from indoor spot lighting to outdoor flood lighting.

We can supply lamp only or why not have one of the latest high quality cast fittings installed at the same time to freshen up those old down lights.


Our new lights use a special LED lamp that only use 6w of power, equivalent to 50w in your normal spot lights! This saving of a massive 88% saving on the energy you were previously using for your lights, This means that you won't only be doing your bit to save the planet, but you will also be saving on you electricity bills!


So not only can your home and workplace look fresh and modern, but it will only use just 12% of the power you used to use! 

Electrical solutions for a modern world


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