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Electrical Testing



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Electrical Safety

There have been 30 deaths, 4000 injuries and 8000 house fires linked to electrical faults in the last 30 years.  Reducing these figures is the reason JLC works so closely with Elecsa to ensure the correct processes under Part P of the Building Regulations are adhered to.  Although most accidents in the home are linked to electrical faults and load levels or misuse of equipment, there are still a high number of occurrences linked to rogue workmanship or DIY.  This is the reason why Part P was introduced in January 2005 and why householders should always use a registered contractor to undertake electrical work in the home.


All electrical installations deteriorate with time. There should be a clear label on the front of the consumer unit showing the date of last test and the date required for the next test. This should show when the next inspection is due to take place but change of ownership and other factors may

alter the date of the test.

Testing is often required by a landlord, to prove the property is safe to rent out. This comes under a duty of care act. There is no other way to prove an installation is safe to keep using without testing it.

For commercial properties it is recommended that an inspection is carried out at least every 5 years and this increases to 10 years for an inspection on a domestic property.


We offer a full range of testing from visual inspection aimed at people buying properties who just want an overview of the installation to a complete periodic test covering all the points and fittings in the property.


Please contact us to discuss you needs and we will be glad to provide you with estimates for all required works. 

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